by apathedick

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my ghost is haunting my head
my ghost wont leave my bed
my ghost keeps talking to me
my ghost can never be free
your ghost is already dead
your ghost is already dead

im seein things


released June 30, 2017

cover: ann
samples are reed and my ghost



all rights reserved


apathedick Phoenix, Arizona

im already dead bro

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Track Name: your ghost your ghost
Your ghost came and haunted me today
My ghost disappeared to get away
Your ghost is really scaring to me
My ghost too shy for you to see
Your ghost
Your ghost your ghost
Track Name: my ghost my ghost
Just when I thought I was all alone
You were right there just to haunt me
My ghost my ghost I can hear her moan
Throughout the night it's so taunting

My ghost my ghost scared me to a pale white

My ghost my ghost can it all be true
You look like her and she looks like you
Your love her love is all that I need
In the end A heart will always bleed

My ghost my ghost caused me such a fright

My ghost my ghost what's there to do
My ghost my ghost I'm over you
My ghost my ghost my name you wore
My ghost my ghost quoth qyou nevermore

My ghost my ghost has me up all night
Track Name: bedbugs
Bed bugs are biting me
When you're around I don't know that I wanna be
Bed bugs will hide away
When you're around I can't think of words to say
Bed bugs please stop the pain
I know you are starting to feel the same
Bed bugs I think they might
Lock me away where I can be awake all night
Track Name: when the ghost comes
I see you in my sleep
And I can't help but think I need you
And when the ghost comes
There'll be no time for fun
But I need you
And although I've moved on
You still get my songs
Cuz I need you